waistcoat-v3I am writing this blog to share my adventures in learning the art and science of sewing with others, as well as encourage more men to enjoy the pleasures of sewing that I have discovered.

I have only been sewing about a year and I have gone from being a complete novice to an (almost) competent novice! I was inspired by the BBC’s Great British Sewing Bee (now probably sadly demised) and the need to make some curtains!

I have since graduated to making jeans, britches, shirts and most recently waistcoats. It has been tremendously enjoyable and I have learnt a lot, making many mistakes along the way, as I have tried to figure out what the rather cryptic instructions on patterns really meant. I am now enjoying the challenge of trying to sew more complex garments accurately, neatly and with patience.

As one of the few men who sew I thought it would share my passion and interest in sewing, as well as what I discover with other men and women.  I hope that it will encourage other men to enjoy sewing – especially as most of the sewing market is aimed at women with, for example,  relatively few commercial patterns for men’s clothes.

I am  very appreciative of the blogs, podcasts and websites from which I have learnt a tremendous amount. I hope this blog will contribute in a small way to the resources that are available online.

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